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Christmas Gift Box & Party Tray!

Our Christmas Gift Box are available now!

As well we have started catering for party trays!

Just in time for your holiday parties!

Long heritage

About our tradition

Originated in 1919, we are a proud Austrian brand dedicated to the art of making delicious and high quality pastries. Made with ingredients carefully selected from all over the world, we are determined to provide supreme tasting bread and cake products to every customer.


Bakery tradition

Organic & Healthy

Healthy and Organic ingredients used.
Handmade fresh by our pastry chefs daily.

Signature Cheese Bun

Strawberry Cheese Bun

Chocolate Cheese Bun

Mango Cheese Bun

Sweet Potato Cheese Bun

Mango Passion Fruit Cheese Bun

Original Cream Puff

Lychee Puff

Chocolate Puff

Match Puff

Cheese Tart

Mango Passion Brew Tea


Herb Bread

Coming Soon


Dark Flour Bread

Coming Soon


Buckwheat Croissant

Coming Soon

Only the Best

Our Daily Menu

Signature Cheese Quarter Buns
Original / Strawberry / Mango / Chocolate / Mango Passionfruit / Sweet Potato
Cream Puffs
Original / Lychee / Matcha / Chocolate
Cheese Tart